SambicsTech is a division of Sambics. SambicsTech provides related services and solutions in several industries. We provide IT services and consultation in software application development and enhancement, business process management and reengineering, complete project lifecycle management, database integration and management, big data, EDW, business intelligence, reporting, marketing, human resource management, etc. Our vast team resources have unmatched competencies, analytical minds, and business expertise; our quality and efficiency give us a market edge. 


SambicsTech aims to be an unprecedented leader in business and technical expertise in various industries. 


SambicsTech’s mission is to provide people with the best business and technical expertise and research in various industries. 


Manish Singh

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

John Anderson

Managing Director Chief Operating Officer

Steve Miller

Managing Director & Chief Financial Officer

Michael Davis

Chief Marketing Officer

Akanksha Singh

Head of India Operations


Managing Director & Chief Information Officer

Sandra Smith

Head of Human Resources